Justin Werner shows the world's largest tonsils

Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor Removes World’s Largest Tonsils

Strange world records exist for nearly everything. A few examples:

The world’s fastest talking woman can speak more than 600 words per minute.

The world’s largest nose measures 3.46 inches from bridge to tip.

Now you can add largest tonsils to that list.

When Justin Werner, a 21-year-old from Topeka, Kansas had his tonsils removed in early 2011, his ear, nose and throat doctor exclaimed they were “impressive.”

How impressive? One of Werner’s tonsils measured 2.1 inches long, 1.1 inches wide and 0.7 inch thick while the other was 1.9 inches long, 1 inch wide and 0.7 inch thick.

That’s huge in terms of tonsils and the Guinness Book of Records verified the measurements and awarded Werner this oddball award.

Watch video of the world’s largest tonsils

Recognize the Symptoms of Tonsillitis

While the video featuring a massive set of tonsils may seem humorous, tonsillitis is a serious condition that can lead to ongoing sickness, sore throat, snoring, difficulty swallowing, fever, bad breath and sleep disorders.

The Ear, Nose and Throat Center regularly treats tonsillitis for our patients in Salt Lake City, Draper and Park City, Utah. If you’re experiencing symptoms like those listed above, we recommend you read the following articles to learn more about tonsillitis and tonsillectomy.

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Understanding different tonsil treatments and procedures

Once you know the signs, symptoms and treatment options for tonsillitis, contact the Ear, Nose and Throat Center to set an appointment with one of our ENT doctors in Salt Lake City and Draper, Utah.

Who knows? You may have a record-breaking set of tonsils we would be happy and honored to remove.