What is Image Guided Sinus Surgery?

Sinus infections and sinusitis affect millions of people each year. Estimates top 30 million Americans or more.

If you suffer from sinusitis (regularly occurring sinus infections), your ear, nose and throat doctor may suggest image-guided sinus surgery or minimally invasive sinus surgery.

It sounds high-tech and it is. The good news is that minimally invasive sinus surgery is a more effective way to treat sinus infections and sinusitis and offers real benefits to patients.

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A GPS System for the Sinuses

You’ve likely used a GPS navigation system like Google Maps while driving. These systems help navigate complex roadways and point you in the right direction.

An image-guided surgery system works much like a GPS system for your sinuses. The surgeon inserts an endoscope (similar to a telescope) into the nose. A camera lens is located at one END of the scope while the other end is linked to a computer monitor.

The system helps the surgeon create a detailed surgical plan by viewing a three-dimensional map of the twisting nasal passageways on the computer screen. This plan includes the ideal locations to make any incisions, critical areas within the nose to avoid and the best path to the infected area.

Best of all, this map returns information in real time, so a surgeon can react and adjust as needed to help ensure a successful outcome.

Prior to the procedure, Ear, Nose and Throat Center may perform a CT scan of the sinuses on our in-house CT scanner located in our downtown Salt Lake City office. A special mask may be placed on your head that provides information that serves as reference points during the scan and surgery. The CT technician may also place temporary marks on your face to indicate key reference points.

This data is loaded into the image-guided system to create a pre-surgery map and then consulted during surgery.

Why Choose Image-Guided Sinus Surgery?

Our ENT doctors in Salt Lake City and Draper, Utah regularly recommend and perform image-guided sinus surgery because it offers key advantages, including greater accuracy and precision, minimal or no scarring and faster recovery times.

Most people who experience image-guided sinus surgery can return to work within a few days. Recovery symptoms are often compared to the feeling of congestion that accompanies a head cold or sinus infection.

Learn More about Minimally Invasive Sinus Surgery

Regular sinus infections can be diagnosed and treated by a trained ear, nose and throat doctor. Our board-certified ENT doctors in Salt Lake City and Draper, Utah are happy to answer questions about minimally invasive sinus surgery and determine if that treatment approach makes sense for your conditions.

Our surgical outcomes are excellent and we welcome your call at 801-328-2522 to schedule an appointment.