guy picking his nose

Be Careful when You Pick Your Nose or Pluck Your Nose Hairs

Everybody picks their nose, right?

You need to pick now and then. Maybe something is hangin’ out or it itches like crazy. However, if you pick too frequently, or really get into it, then you could cause cuts or irritations, as well as infections. Tears of the nasal septum, the partition separating the nostrils, are common among people who mine their nostrils for 15-30 minutes or more a day, according to a study from Wisconsin’s Dean Foundation. The less time you spend picking and more care you take to extract those little piece of dry mucus, the better.

You also pluck your nose hairs.

Keep in mind, those hairs are there for a reason. At the same time, no one likes to look at tufts of hair descending from the nostrils of friends or co-workers. Experts say these hairs keep contaminants and harmful microorganisms from entering your brain and respiratory system. But when they aren’t even in your nose? Trim the tips but keep the bases embedded in the nostrils. If you pluck them out, you create tiny open wounds in the skin inside your nose and you become susceptible to infection from all those same microorganisms caught in the protective, surrounding hairs.