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5 Advantages of Minimally Invasive Sinus Surgery

Sinusitis and sinus infections impact nearly 30 million Americans each year. Our Salt Lake City and Draper ENT doctors see sinus patients each day and we’re constantly seeking new procedures that can help patients avoid chronic bouts of swollen or inflamed sinuses.

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One of the most significant developments in sinus treatment is endoscopic sinus surgery. This minimally invasive outpatient procedure is particularly effective in treating sinus problems while offering real advantages to the ENT doctor and patient.

Today we’re exploring five benefits of minimally invasive sinus surgery.

Benefit #1: Eliminates Incisions on the Face

In the past, ENT doctors performed sinus surgery through an “open procedure” that required a long incision. That longer incision could lead to scarring and a less attractive surgical outcome.

Minimally invasive sinus surgery is performed within the nose and eliminates facial incisions and scarring.

Benefit #2: Provides More Visibility and Accuracy

Minimally invasive sinus surgery is performed within the nose using endoscopes, cameras and miniature instruments. Images from within the nose are projected on a computer monitor and the doctor is able to precisely remove problem areas while protecting healthy tissue.

The image-guided system ultimately helps ENT doctors navigate the maze of small passages and cavities within the sinuses with exceptional accuracy.

Benefit #3: Shortens Operating Times

An endoscopic sinus surgery is usually mapped in advance, which speeds surgery times and decreases the length of time our patients spend in the operating room and under anesthesia.

This reduced procedural time lets our patients return home within a few hours following surgery and speeds recovery.

Benefit #4: Outpatient Surgery vs. Hospital Stay

We perform minimally invasive sinus surgery in Utah’s first in-house Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery Center. Located in downtown Salt Lake City, our surgery center is staffed by nursing professionals and board-certified anesthesiologists who get to know you as a person instead of a number on a long list of surgery patients.

Our surgical outcomes are exceptional and our patients regularly tell us how much they appreciate the attention, care and quick recovery from our outpatient surgeries.

Benefit #5: Faster Recovery Times

Any type of surgery requires time to renew and recover. With minimally invasive sinus surgery, recovery times accelerate and our Utah nose surgery patients can typically return to work within a few days.

Minimally invasive nose surgery typically doesn’t result in black eyes. That’s a big improvement over prior methods that often left patients with a bruised and blackened appearance following surgery.

Learn More about Minimally Invasive Sinus Surgery

Regular sinus infections can be diagnosed and treated by a trained ear, nose and throat doctor. Our board-certified ENT doctors in Salt Lake City and Draper, Utah are happy to answer questions about minimally invasive sinus surgery and determine if that treatment approach makes sense for your conditions.

Our surgical outcomes are excellent and we welcome your call at 801-328-2522 to schedule an appointment.

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5 Signs You May Have Sinusitis

Sinusitis in Utah (and the rest of the United States) is a common problem. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that more than 29 million Americans suffer from chronic sinusitis. Remarkably, that’s nearly 13 percent of the entire population.

We hear you asking, What is sinusitis? Quite simply, sinusitis is another name for a sinus infection.

Sinus infections are episodes when the nasal passages become swollen and inflamed. Some episodes of sinusitis are brief while chronic sinusitis lasts from 4 to 12 weeks or longer and often occurs more than 4 times in a single year.

There are a variety of causes of sinusitis, including viruses, bacterial infections, nasal polyps, respiratory tract infections and allergies. Fortunately, there are common signs and symptoms of sinusitis that may indicate you have the condition and should seek treatment.

Sinusitis Symptoms

It’s easy to confuse a common cold with sinusitis. Both can cause a runny and congested nose. However, with a sinus infection or sinusitis, it’s likely that two of the following symptoms are present.

1. Thick Yellow or Green Discharge

You’re familiar with the normal consistency and color of mucus. It’s generally light colored and fairly thin, slippery and viscous. When you have a sinus infection, the discharge from your nose becomes thicker and a darker yellow or green color is common.

2. Headache

A deep, dull, ongoing headache is one of the common signs of a sinusitis. You’ll feel the ache in your cheekbones, forehead and the bridge of your nose. One of the fastest ways to make a sinus headache worse is to move your head quickly from side to side. Ouch!

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3. Difficulty Breathing Through Your Nose

Sinusitis can block the ability to breathe through your nose. If you’ve suddenly become a mouth breather and you can’t clear your nose well enough to breathe normally, you may have a sinus infection.

4. Tenderness and Swelling around Your Eyes, Nose, Cheeks and Forehead

A sinus infection often leaves your head feeling like a giant soccer ball that has been kicked around. It feels tender. It feels heavy. Lightly touching your cheeks, nose and forehead causes pain. You need relief and you need it soon.

5. Reduced Sense of Taste and Smell

When your nose is stuffed, it’s difficult to taste and smell the foods you normally love. If you’re wondering if you’re having difficulty tasting and smelling food, order your favorite pizza or cook a favorite dish, preferably one with some spice and aroma. If you can barely smell and taste the food, you may have a sinus infection.

Other less common symptoms include ear pain, nausea, bad breath, cough and sore throat.

Call the Ear, Nose and Throat Sinus Center for Diagnosis and Treatment

If you recognize these sinusitis symptoms—and symptoms consistently last longer than 7 days and occur on a fairly regular basis—it’s time to contact an ear, nose and throat doctor in Draper, Salt Lake City or Park City, Utah.

The ENT doctors at the Ear, Nose and Throat Sinus Center regularly and successfully treat patients with sinusitis. Our outcomes are excellent. Call 801-328-2522 today to schedule an appointment. We’ll work with you to eliminate the pain and hassle of sinusitis.