Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is now available to all of our patients. This is a secure website which allows the patient to view their personal information, billing information, gives the patient the ability to update any personal information and communicate via email with the physician and/or medical assistant. We highly recommend all patients register for this site.

If you choose to register, please do the following:

1. Go to the website

2. On the home page you will see a box on the left hand side labeled Clinic Patients and within that box is a link to register. Please click on that link.

3. The next page will give you instructions for 3 steps. Please review each step to make sure you have what you need, then click Register Today.

4. Review the terms of the agreement and click on / accept.

5. You will need to create a new account by filling in all options on the form and click on save.

6. You will be asked to enter a pin number, if you have the pin please enter it in and finish the registration process. If not, you will need to click on the link to request one. This will prompt our front desk to match your user name to your chart for security purposes, and they will return your email with a pin number to complete the process.

7. You must register within 30 days of receiving your PIN number otherwise your PIN will expire and you'll have to obtain a new one from the office. Please give our office 48-72 hours after we give you your PIN number to register.

Once you have registered you are able to view your information. If you have any additional questions or concerns feel free to contact the office at (801) 758-0428 and one of our staff will be glad to help guide you through.

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