Resolve Sinus Implant Research Study - 2103

Have you been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis?

Have you had endoscopic sinus surgery in the past to treat your sinusitis?

Do you have symptoms from nasal obstruction due to polyps that came back after sinus surgery?

Have you received treatment with one or more forms of steroids for your symptoms in the past 6 months?

Have you in the past, or are you currently using, steroid nasal sprays to treat your symptoms?

Have all of these treatments been ineffective in lessening your symptoms?

Are you considering having sinus surgery again to treat your symptoms?

If the above statements describe your situation, you may qualify for a study that evaluates an investigational new sinus implant.

Qualified participants will receive:

About the RESOLVE Research Study

Sinus surgery is effective in reducing patient-reported symptoms of sinusitis in the short term, and longer-term success rates are high.

However, a relatively large number of people experience re-obstruction of the sinuses and continuing symptoms of chronic sinusitis. These recurring symptoms of obstruction by polyps may lead to the need for additional sinus surgery.

Polyps reappear in about a third of individuals after sinus surgery, and even after polyp removal, polyps reappear again in more than half of individuals.

Consequently, the Ear, Nose & Throat Center is participating in a clinical study that evaluates how well an investigational new sinus implant containing a steroid coating works to create an opening in the sinuses and to reduce the inflammation that causes polyp formation.

RESOLVE Research Study Details

Study participants must meet the following initial requirements in order to be further evaluated for participation:


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